I'm Tom,I've got 20 years experience in the industry and 5 years experience in bookmaking."The best football picks" project will do all the great work to generate profit. I can't promise a lot of money quickly.I personally think it’s a bad idea to make a lot of money quickly from betting. If you make a lot of money in a short space of time then you will probably end up getting over confident and lose all that you have made and more. My picks give you good profit in the long run and an edge over the 50/50 odds that you would have with just randomly selected bets.
Contact us by email: tbfpicks@gmail.com
THE ONLY MY PAGE is: tbfpicks.blogspot.com
THE ONLY email for contact is: tbfpicks@gmail.com
Tbfpicks don't use any other emails,websites, FB profiles, blogs etc.

My service is only for people who are honest and keep picks only for themselves.
If you are going to share or resell my picks sooner or later certainly I'll kick you out. To resellers: be honest and try to deal with me,don't lie to me !
In football betting any yield over 5% after 2000 picks is considered to be a very good yield.
Yield +8% after 3400 picks is considered EXCELLENT ! 
This means a good strategy and responsible investment.
MonthWLVoid%Av. BetAv.OddsUnitsYield %
2014, January107558.827.002.38+37.3924.28%
2014, February4044847.626.293.05+76.5313.22%
2014, March73821747.107.325.33+271.7221.58%
2014, April63722146.677.094.03+121.5610.99%
2014, May4059540.407.592.85+31.413.98%
2014, June2432842.865.862.53+14.073.75%
2014, July48361357.146.022.97+178.3630.54%
2014, August4146747.136.403.48+64.6010.73%
2014, September55521251.407.162.65+111.2413.06%
2014, October55701644.006.563.45+55.916.04%
2014, November4653846.466.542.95+91.2313.03%
2014, December39401549.376.153.00+60.2310.42%
2015, January56571149.566.193.03+86.8611.32%
2015, February42441548.846.622.22+5.100.76%
2015, March3642746.156.522.36+3.800.69%
2015, April34431244.165.822.44+27.265.26%
2015, May27271550.005.803.23+45.8311.46%
2015, June1020433.335.532.84-51.28-27.27%
2015, July2421453.339.592.22+37.157.90%
2015, August35341950.729.802.80+39.154.54%
2015, September35341750.7210.002.10+38.554.48%
2015, October28351244.4410.002.32+28.653.82%
2015, November1412653.8510.002.25+51.3516.05%
2015, December1624440.0010.002.14-62.25-14.15%
2016, January2620656.5210.002.24+94.1018.10%
2016, February1313350.0010.002.00+1.800.62%
2016, March2819659.5710.002.12+108.1520.41%
2016, April2222450.0010.002.11+6.001.25%
2016, May2115258.3310.002.02+64.8517.07%
2016, June74263.6410.001.94+21.4016.46%
2016, July1513453.5710.002.10+28.008.75%
2016, August23191354.7610.002.06+17.403.16%
2016, September1714454.8410.002.07+25.107.17%
2016, October2026843.4810.002.15-52.85-9.79%
2016, November3436848.5710.002.19+6.500.83%
2016, December1717450.0010.002.23+33.708.87%
2017, January138361.9010.002.16+56.5523.56%
2017, February43491646.7410.002.25+13.751.27%
2017, March53681343.8010.002.24-60.85-4.54%
2017, April50381156.8210.002.12+168.2516.99%
2017, May158165.2210.002.09+52.1521.73%
2017, June62275.0010.001.91+28.3028.30%
2017, July105366.6710.001.96+38.2021.22%
2017, August92181.8210.001.95+62.7052.25%
2017, September1511157.6910.001.96+28.4010.52%
2017, October76053.8510.002.00+9.907.62%
2017, November2631945.6110.002.15-40.50-6.14%
2017, December1213248.0010.002.12+10.203.78%
2018, January63266.6710.001.89+21.4019.45%
2018, February1115242.3110.002.10-34.45-12.30%
2018, March159562.5010.002.14+65.4522.57%
2018, April54355.5610.001.92+12.4010.33%
2018, May63266.6710.001.90+19.7517.95%
2018, June73070.0010.001.92+27.5527.55%
2018, July74563.6410.001.87+27.7017.31%
2018, August33150.0010.002.29+14.3020.43%
2018, September104271.4310.001.96+51.7032.31%
2018, October1120235.489.584.76-69.10-21.87%
2018, November1520242.868.657.65+52.9516.55%
Overall1489153341343.358.882.532,275.24+8.07 %

Last update:November 2018
***Since July 2015 I'm using usual flat staking 10/10 which means from 1% to 5% of bankroll depends on the experience and evaluation of every punter.
Football Betting Money Management
Everyone who’s ever been successful in football betting will tell you that the right Money Management is absolutely crucial for consistent profits. Several guidelines need to be followed in order to turn your loses into winnings.Choosing the preferred betting strategy is important but staying true to it is what makes the difference between the ones making money and all the others.
Choosing your bankroll
The first thing you need to do is to choose your bankroll, or the amount of money that will be used for betting. I also recommend using not more than 3-5% of your bankroll for a full stake 10/10. You can recalculate your bankroll after 100-125 bets, especially if it has changed considerably from the start.
Singles,doubles or max treble are the way to go
While punters tend to be tempted with big winnings that can come from accumulators, my advice is to opt for singles, since this is the best way to generate consistent profits. Betting on accumulators will be unsuccessful even if you guess four out of five matches on the betting slip right and this type of betting clearly increases the risk of losing your money. On the other hand, if you can guess 3 out of every 5 soccer predictions right, you will be able to make a very good profit in the long term.
Staying true to your betting strategy
If you embark on a winning streak, you might be tempted to bet more than 3-5% of your bankroll, but that is a common mistake that have cost too many people their money, thus you should never change the betting strategy you have chosen. Winning and losing streaks are inevitable for even the most experience tipsters but the best way to overcome these is to stay true to your betting strategy.
Opening account at multiple bookies
The advantage of having so many bookmakers in the market is that you can open an account with as many of those as you like. By doing this,you will be able to place the best at the highest price on the market, which is essential for successful betting. The odds on a single game can be higher up to 0.50 at one bookie than another, so why not maximize your winnings when you have the opportunity.
So, let's win together with tbfpicks!
Good Luck!